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2h 0m Documentary 2022

Shot over an unparalleled 10 years, the latest film by Lebanese-Syrian filmmaker, Noura Kevorkian (23 Kilometres, Official Competition Karlovy Vary), follows the plight of Maria and her family of Syrian migrant workers who, after toiling for decades in Lebanon’s fertile Bekaa valley, find themselves unable to return back to their hometown of Raqqa Syria. Unique among the numerous refugee stories to date, Kevorkian’s the intimate camera captures an entire decade of marriages, births, and deaths, all the while documenting not just the age-old conflict between Syria and Lebanon, but more importantly the unbending spirit of a woman who puts family ahead of all else.

This film will screen at CineCentre, Suncoast Casino on Tuesday 26 July at 6pm.

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Noura Kevorkian


Paul Scherzer


Noura Kevorkian


Arabic, Armenian