Cupids (2021)

  • Short
  • 10min

What is the most important thing on the last day of school before summer break? Well, if you’re Mia, Natalie and Jabari you frantically search for a date for Ms Cheryl, the most beloved bus driver of all time! As they race against time before their stop, these eight year-olds burst into action to find a match-up with the people that have made the biggest impact on their lives. From the Bodega man with “all the meats” to their Principal, nobody is off limits as a possible courtship. This love letter to New York’s essential workers captures the whimsical comedy of a child’s imagination as they try to save Ms Cheryl from a lonely summer void of school children, destined to a life on the sofa surrounded by cats.


Zoey Martinson


Korey Jackson


Devin Haqq




United States