EJE (Blood) (2021)

  • Short
  • 15min

Lara, an unemployed young lady, responds to an online ad for a babysitter. To her surprise, she gets the job with just a phone interview and no reference checks. On her first day her boss, an attractive blond-haired single mother with a seven-month-old baby, leaves her alone in the house with the baby. Lara hears strange noises coming from the upstairs room in the house. Fearfully, she makes her way up to investigate, only to wake up in a hospital bed. She has fuzzy flashbacks of being assaulted in the house before blacking out. Nobody believes her; not even the investigating officers. An old cleaner in the hospital secretly tells her she knows what happened to her. She claims it is linked to her ancient RH Negative blood line. As things become clearer in her memory, the reality of the revelation is earth-shattering. It plunges her into a world where nobody is who they say they are and forces her to believe in the unbelievable. The human race is facing an existential threat.


English, Zulu


South Africa