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Fesito Goes to Market

22m Children’s 2022

Fesito wakes up early in the morning with the hope of having a jolly ride on his father’s bike before his father awakens to go to market. Fesito falls off the bike and his humiliation by bullies soon leads to the inciting incident in which his father puts his back out in cutting down a massive branch of bananas. A crisis faces the family, since he is not able to ride to market to take their bananas to sell there. The family needs the money that will come to them from taking the bananas to market on time.

So Fesito gets his chance and sets off on a journey that will test him to the limit. He is prevailed upon to help 3 different people and is confronted again by the same bully who humiliated him early on. But this time it’s different, as a young girl helps him defeat the bully in their second confrontation. The now humiliated, bully is fixed on seeking revenge. Tension is anticipated – and a final confrontation. Fesito is faced with increasingly difficult decisions he has to take to help others and growing time pressure. He makes good decisions – and is rewarded for them.

In true folk tale tradition, Fesito’s good deeds provide him with unexpected ammunition to defeat the bully in the climax. The dog the bully sets on Fesito eventually turns on him and provokes contrition and insight in the bully. Fesito’s triumphant arrival in the market, just in time, and with the drama enhanced by a last minute blowout of one of his tyres, provides a fitting climax.

Fesito has arrived at the market in time and proved to be “a man amoung men”. The story resolves with the young girl that Fesito likes arriving with her grandfather at Fesito’s parents’ house. The old man thanks him for his courage in standing up for his granddaughter – and rewards Fesito by giving him a bike of his own.

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South Africa