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Girl, Taken

1h 32m Documentary 2022

Girl Taken tells the incredible story of two parents whose baby was stolen at birth; who miraculously found her 17 years later, and who then lost her again. On 28 April 1997, Morne and Celeste Nurse gave birth to their first baby, a girl whom they called Zephany. Three days later, the baby was missing from her cot and was nowhere to be found. For 17 years they kept searching for her – until, by almost miraculous coincidence, their second daughter Cassidy enrolled in a new school early in 2015 and met someone who looked just like her – and whom DNA tests revealed to be their daughter.
Zephany, who had grown up as Miche Solomon, was taken to a place of safety, and the woman she had known all her life as her mother was taken to custody, and eventually sentenced to jail. The happy ending which the Nurses longed for did not happen, and Miche ended up choosing to stay with the kidnapper’s husband instead of with her biological parents. The film tells a tale of hope and loss, and of a broken family battling their way towards finding togetherness again.

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Simon Wood


Francois Verster


David Rane


Afrikaans, English


South Africa