Going Blind (2020)

  • Feature, Romance
  • 1h 27m

Sinan is a visually impaired poet. Although he has lost his vision at the age of 3, he is a humorous man at peace with his blindness. His wife Nilgun, wants to bestow Sinan the gift of the visual World and convinces him for an operation. Following the successful operation, Sinan begins to see vaguely. But after a while, he experiences disruptions in adapting. Nilgun is convinced that the chaos originates from habits formed during Sinan’s days of blindness, and thus increases the pressure on him to adapt to the world of the seeing. The tension leads to a tragic face-off where they question each other’s personalities. Just then, when the doctor states that if Sinan does not go through a second operation, he will become blind for good.


Haci Orman