Ifa Lesizwe (2021)

  • short, student
  • 3min

This short animation explores the influence of South Africa’s violent history that has been ignored in today’s society, and how we understand our cultural, political, and social roles as human beings in post-colonial Africa and particularly post-apartheid South Africa. The structure of the short consists of separate artworks that together subjectively tells a story of black men who are controlled by the system, politics, and apartheid. The men are then taken as a slave to work hard labour for an oppressor. They get chained, imprisoned, and stripped of their basic human right, and forced to work in coal mines. This hard labour continues until the men die as the direct cause of working in coal mines. The story continues furthermore and looks at the wife of passed on men who are also been oppressed and work as a housekeeper or a servant.


Ntokozo Shozi

Sound Designer

Ntokozo Shozi


Ntokozo Shozi


English, Zulu


South Africa