Jesus Egon Christ (2021)

  • Feature
  • 51min

An evangelical parish in the countryside outside of Berlin. A self-proclaimed priest preaches to the forgotten, the unemployed and the hooked. Addicts who are going cold turkey receive shelter and food at his rundown farm. A newcomer arrives: Egon, a young insomniac and oddball suffering from a chronic psychosis. He has trouble coming to terms with his new home — he doesn’t participate in the daily working routine, he refuses to shower, he can’t sleep. Jesus starts talking to him and gradually distorts his already tenuous grip on reality. As his mental state slowly disintegrates, his psychosis morphs into a theological crisis that no one in the group is capable of addressing. An intimate tale about the loneliness of a psychosis and a group of addicts in rehab.


David Vajda


Saša Vajda