Just like that (2019)

  • Drama
  • 1h 49m

When her husband dies Mrs. Sharma is a seventy-four year and lives in a modest two-storied house within the gated colony of small-town Allahabad. The ground floor is occupied by the family of her son, Virendra - including her two teenage grandchildren, Vicky and Vinny.

When her husband dies, Mrs Sharma receives the condolences and well-wishes of the entire locality. Her husband was a respected man of the community, and as his wife, Mrs Sharma was always exemplary.

When her husband dies, Mrs Sharma is expected to move downstairs and live with her son and grandchildren, and not worry herself with issues of finance and property. Virendra has already made plans to rent out the top floor in order to supplement his insufficient income as a radio reporter.

But when her husband dies, Mrs Sharma has plans of her own. She inexplicably stops going to the temple, she insists on living on her own and refused to be shifted downstairs, she even opens a bank account and has access to her own money. She befriends a beautiful parlour girl and begins to visit a Muslim tailor in order to learn embroidery. She is going to seedy single-screen theatres to watch the latest commercial hits. And the neighbours are shocked to find Mrs Sharma in a shopping mall, all by herself, eating ice cream! Failing to bring Mrs Sharma into her senses, the entire locality, including her own children and grandchildren, slowly turn against her. She is accused of being selfish, and some even fear that she might be possessed by an evil eye.

‘Just Like That’ tells a story of an old woman’s rebellion, a rebellion of little things. But why are people around her so concerned? Why are people so afraid? why are people so angry?


Kislay Kislay




Shwetaabh Singh


Saumyananda Sahi

Film Editor

Tanushree Das

Production Designer

Mausam Aggarwal

Production Designer

Yogesh Langyan

Camera and Electrical Department

Anuj Ujawane

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Mausam Aggarwal