Just Like Water (2021)

  • Short
  • 13min

The movie is about the father of the director, Spyros, his life and experiences. He is the protagonist and narrator. Moreover, the movie seeks to promote the natural beauty of the island of Crete on which the father left his imprint. These are the places where the protagonist’s family lived, crossing a path in life both in space and time… “Just Like Water” speaks about time and the circle of life… The questions asked are, what is time and how do we perceive it? Do we really live the moments in our daily lives and do we give them their due value? So, we follow a magical journey through time, embedded with vivid images of Spyros, grandfather, man, child … A girl and a woman always there. A patchwork of images, accompanied by original musical composition, sketched in detail: it weaves the puzzle of a whole life nestled in the Island of Crete (Greece).