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Lesotho, The Weeping Motherland

48m Documentary 2022

This documentary is told interchangeably between Kwa-Zulu Natal and Lesotho, and speaks about the effect of climate change in the agricultural sectors. The agricultural sector is a key sector in South Africa, contributing greatly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product as well as at a local level, contributing to household food security. Over the past few decades, a change in climate has been observed through increased temperatures and changes in rainfall patterns in South Africa. Twenty years ago Lesotho used to be a naturally wealthy country that could grow vegetables, fruits and crops for its people. The country used to have steady rains throughout the year and life used to be rich for animals, plants and people as a whole. Recently the country is experiencing bad climate change that has left it in an extreme drought throughout the years. The story is about Khethisa Mabata (34) from Lesotho and Lwazi Duma (29) from Durban. Khethisa tells his story from both a personal and general perspective, as he experiences the challenges caused by climate change in his beloved country. He is currently based in Johannesburg and now wants to make a comeback in the agricultural sector and revive his father’s farm. Lwazi will be accompanying Khethisa on his mission to achieve his goal.

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Lwazi Duma


Lwazi Duma


Lwazi Duma




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