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Lion, Hare & Hyena

22m Children’s 2022

Lion, is old and it has become more difficult for him to hunt, despite his pretensions. Hyena teases him and Lion makes another attempt to catch Hare. Porcupine comes to Hare’s rescue and Lion is injured. With his pride hurt Lion retreats to his cave but his injury becomes worse and he is starving. Hare, who is well known to be somewhat of a healer checks in on Lion and odd as it may be, the two become friends as Hare takes care of Lion, cooking vegetables and herbs. Hyena becomes jealous of their friendship, as there are no more bones for him to eat and he manipulates Lion into thinking the Hare is keeping him weak to protect his other friends, that Lion usually hunts.

Hare’s friends on the other hand are unhappy with him healing Lion and abandon Hare. When Hare returns to the cave Lion, influenced by Hyena confronts him, this is Hare’s lowest point. Hare however devises a clever plan to outsmart Hyena which puts his life in danger before he burrows his way out of what appears to be certain death. Lion regrets that he may have done the wrong thing. But his remorse is unneeded when Hare survives, only slightly singed. Lion realising that he had been tricked by Hyena who is a fraud while Hare is a genuine friend all be he a vegetarian and not like Lion and Hyena. Angry Lion lashes out at Hyena tearing at his coat. Hyena’s hair stands up course on his back where it has remained even to this day and Lion learns the value of true friendship albeit an unlikely one.

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South Africa