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No U-Turn

1h 34m Documentary, Feature 2022

Ike Nnaebue, a renowned Nollywood director, goes back to the path he took at the dawn of his adult life when he wanted to reach Europe. Born into an Igbo polygamous family, he lost his father at an early age. As a child, he had to leave school at the age of 13 and worked as an apprentice to a parts seller who, according to Igbo tradition, was supposed to help him financially to set up his own business when he came of age, but did not keep his word. Ike was 18 years old, ready to start his life, when suddenly, the planning of his life came to an abrupt halt - until his friends told him about the possibility of reaching Europe by road. He heard stories of young Nigerians who had gone to a town called Las Palmas, on a Spanish island, where there were fruit-picking jobs that paid well and allowed them to send money and cars home. This was in 1998. Ike decided to leave and take on this great adventure with three friends. Today, when social networks and television flood us with images of servitude, pain and atrocities that make it impossible to ignore the dangers of the road, Ike Nnaebue embarks on this journey again to try to understand what drives so many young African men and women to migrate today. A road movie through the landscapes and cultures of West Africa that puts into perspective the realities experienced by young people in Africa today. By recounting their journey, the director brings his own to life in his first feature-length documentary.

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Ike Nnabue


Don Edkins


Tiny Mungwe


Okey Omeire


France, Nigeria, South Africa