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1h 57m Drama 2022

After living for many years in Egypt, Felice Lasco returns to Naples to meet again with the elderly mother he had left suddenly when he was still a boy.

Back in his home town, he gets lost among the stones of the houses and churches of the Sanità district, steeped in the words of a language that he now perceives as foreign, but which is actually his own.

The man seems taken by a strange fascination, and the memories of a distant life he spent with Oreste - his childhood best friend - with whom he shares a secret – come back within him.

When it becomes evident that Naples represents a lost life for him, and that he should go back to where he came from as quickly as possible, he is pinned down by the invincible force of nostalgia.

This film will screen at CineCentre, Suncoast Casino on Sunday 24 July at 8:30pm.

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