Pusha Pressa Phanda (2021)

  • Feature
  • 60min

“Pusha Pressa Phanda” is a dissection of freedom. Taking place in one day, the film follows street youth Mandisa as she struggles to obtain medication and sanitary pads for her sister who is under her care. Faced with numerous obstacles along the way, Mandisa represents the struggle inherently facing women in their relentless pursuit for survival.

Traversing the Johannesburg CBD streets in order to find materials to recycle in exchange for money, Mandisa faces the brutality of the city’s underworld; all for a basic need. Topical and thought- provoking, the film aims to explore the narrative of endurance in an unforgiving landscape, challenging perceptions of societal norms and interrogating what has become “dysfunctionally permissible” in the existence of a woman’s narrative, viewed in the microcosm of a day in her life.

Executive Producer

Siv Ngesi

Executive Producer

Wandi Ndzimande


Layla Swart


South Africa