Removed (2020)

  • Short, Documentary
  • 14min

“Removed” is a very personal documentary. It centres around the topic of land reparations and forced removals, a conversation that is always tense and raw no matter your race or where you sit in class systems and access in South Africa. This is a conversation that needs to happen; an issue that needs to be addressed. Yet we often brush it under the rug as something that happened “a long time ago”, but in truth it did not. If two generations of this family that was forcibly removed are still alive today, we should realise as a country that this trauma is still very raw, recent, fresh and unresolved. What will happen to this land that is so-called protected by SanParks? What is in the area that is so special that it needs to be protected from people of colour but can still house white people in the very cottages our family was removed from?
This story is based on forced removals of the families from Redhill and the current situation within Redhill. It is told through three generations of women from one family sharing their experiences, thoughts and traumas of what forced removals caused. This family is my family, this is our story, and this is the story of many people of colour within South Africa, too raw and unspoken of.


Loren Loubser


Loren Loubser


Jodi Windvage


Loren Loubser




South Africa