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22m Short 2021

Eka is a biomechanical engineer, and she is secretly researching a project with some teammates. Everyone used to say that if a rapist can see his mom or sister in each unknown girl (victim), he possibly cannot think anything bad about her. Eka really wants to make this a reality. Because of the secrecy of the project, she has to do everything illegally. She has to first convince some important members of society, and with their help manages to get a ruthless rapist for her research - someone who has still not been punished adequately for his crime.
Eka was influenced by Elon Musk’s “brain implanting” technology, and she develops a process for implanting anything in anyone’s brain, as well as new punishment forms and a process to reduce rape in the world..

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Koushik Das


Koushik Das


Koushik Das