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Revolt Final

13m Animation 2022

The theme of this story is about the will to survive, power and the corruption of power. Asha and Attila, the two main characters, are placed in situations where they have to make survival the only priority, and put their own self-preservation before anything else. The corruption of power is another central theme explored through reactions and suffering at the hand of powerful aristocrats. The story follows a young slave tasked with guarding an aristocratic princess to reach a safe-haven, in order to avoid assassins. During their travels through the dystopian city they are targeted by “hunters” - mercenaries who work for a rival aristocrat, Khan. During their escape the slave begins to realise that the princess is not benevolent and pure but is actually a product of her environment. This causes a rift between their relationship. Eventually the two are cornered and trapped by the hunters, and in a desperate plea for survival the princess offers the life of the slave and an enormous amount of money for her own freedom. The hunters contemplate this but their sadistic nature sees them force the princess to kill the slave, who in turn fights back and kills her. When the Hunters see this they are pleased and offer him a choice between freedom and enslavement.

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Qhawe Ndlovu


Qhawe Ndlovu


Qhawe Ndlovu




South Africa