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Run To You

1h 53m Feature 2022

Handsome and single, 50 yo Gianni is a sportsman, a womanizer, and the head of a famous shoe brand that features the best athletes around. He would do anything to charm a lady. So much so, in fact, that he ends up faking a disability to seduce his latest prey. His idea is to get in a wheelchair and pity her into going on a date with him. After all, he reckons, pity is the only emotion one can feel towards people with disabilities. Everything changes when he meets Chiara, a joyful and dynamic musician with a passion for tennis. Which, by the way, she plays from a real wheelchair. Much to his surprise, his feelings for her are far removed from being compassionate. She inevitably starts changing his perspective on many things: life, love, and disability. He will learn that the real handicap is the lack of determination and he will eventually find himself radically changed as a man as well as a businessman.

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