Sandpaper (2019)

  • Short
  • 16min

Hansen is a troubled young man, struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after losing many of his friends and more recently, his brother, to violence.

Repressed emotions fight their way to the surface in the form of panic attacks and anxious episodes. With marijuana weed and isolation as a coping mechanism, he stumbles upon a creative community group on his way to pick up more “weed” from a dealer. Peering in on this group he catches the attention of Sam, a young man with the same look in his eye as Hansen, yet who seems to command an environment and feel comfortable within the space of the hall. Hansen returns to the group as they sand tables, trying to see what it is in this space and brotherhood that is drawing him in, whilst trying not to invest too emotionally as Sam wishes to draw more emotional engagement from him.


Michael Mante