Shaka Inkosi Yamakhosi (2021)

  • Short
  • 15min

A young meek boy, Manzini is bullied by three boys on his way back from school in an incident that almost costs him his life. Manzini confesses to his Gogo his desire to quit school. His Gogo narrates a profound tale of resilience evoking the coming-of-age story of a great warrior and King, Shaka Zulu to inspire her grandson through the strength of his lineage.

Transporting viewers to the 1700s, in the grasslands of KwaZulu-Natal, Nandi gives birth to Shaka illegitimately fathered by Senzangakhona KaJama a prince of the Jama tribe. Here Shaka is bullied and tormented. Nandi, Shaka and Nomcuba (Shaka’s younger sister) are forced to flee their home amidst a warning of an impending attack. On the run for their lives they find refuge at the Mthethwa clan led by Chief Dingiswayo who shows more benevolence. We follow the grooming of a young bold Shaka into a menacing warrior, great conqueror and influential King of the Zulu people.

Executive Producer

Manzini Zungu


Manzini Zungu


Terry Pheto


Ayanda Borotho


Amanda Zungu


Nick Cloete

Original Score and Composition

Ndabo Zulu




South Africa