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Sort of Grown Up

18m Documentary, Student 2022

Summer 2019 in Berlin, two years before graduation. Overlooking the rooftops of the city, Aimee and Anissa are pondering life. When are you actually a grown-up? How can you have good sex? What’s the plan after graduation? Grappling with the same questions, Lea is similarly clueless about her future. For now, she’s doing her A-levels and working in a supermarket on the side. It’s only on the dance floor where the 18 year old feels completely free. Accompanying Aimee, Anissa and Lea to the corner store, the lake and through the streets of Berlin, this observational documentary provides intimate insight into the world of three young women teetering on the edge of adulthood.

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Marlena Molitor


Marlena Molitor

Director of Photography

Moritz Dehler


Jana Briesner

color grading

José Maria Abreu Santos

camera assistant

Esra Tanrıverdi

soundtrack pt. 01

CEEYS - Brueder Selke

soundtrack pt. 02