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1h 27m Documentary, Feature 2021

Ouloulou, Baldé and Doucouré are three young immigrants from West Africa. They say they faced the crossing of the Mediterranean, thanks to their marabout or spiritual guides who recommended prayers and rituals. Once they arrived in Valencia, Spain, they kept in touch with their marabout in the hope that he would continue to improve their living conditions. In Mali, Bakary, who has already tried to cross the sea without success, is preparing this time for a new journey under the eye of his marabout. Every day, in Mali, Valencia, Madrid or Turia, these young people perform rituals, pray and listen to the advice of a marabout through their smartphones, which has become an indispensable spiritual connection. A real modern-day cellular gris-gris. Together, in their hectic daily lives, they take us into the world of African spirituality in the age of new technologies.

This film will screen at CineCentre, Suncoast Casino on Tuesday 26 July at 2pm.

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Seydou Cissé


Don Edkins


Tiny Mungwe


Dieudonné Alaka


Antoine Donnet


English, Spanish, Wolof