The award ceremony (2019)

  • Short
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  • 8min

Princess Mahakwe, like many children growing up in working-class homes, spends much of her time parenting herself. Her grandmother, Thandi, whom she falsely believes is a nurse, works night shifts as a seamstress in a factory. We meet Princess preparing herself for a prestigious event, the school awards ceremony, where she will be receiving top honours.

Princess’ worst nightmare is walking across the stage, in front of the whole school, in her weathered and broken school shoes. She is confident, however, that her grandmother will meet her at the school gates with brand new shoes, just in time for the prestigious ceremony. However, Thandi is on the other side of town in her own nightmare. She has not received her wages in weeks and has not yet bought the school shoes.

Will Thandi make it to school in time? Or will Princess have to face her worst nightmare?


Mmabatho Montsho


Setswana, SeSotho, isiZulu, English Subtitles