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The Crossing

1h 52m Drama 2021

After many years of hard work in Italy, Djibi returned to Burkina Faso with a full pocket but a heavy secret. Put in contact with a group of young people whose sole purpose is to leave for Europe, he undertakes to secretly prepare them for this crossing, which he himself has made: intensive physical and intellectual preparation, without concession, almost military…

The six young candidates enrolled in this program, whose profiles and backgrounds reveal the social and cultural realities of today’s African youth, will see their lives take a new turn, thanks to this very special coaching. They go through a series of tests that unite them around a common goal and gradually transform them. Djibi’s objective, which is gradually revealed, is to bring each of them in this initiatory journey to personal achievement. A journey that ends up invalidating their emigration project. The old Pronto, a retired Vatican cook, helps Djibi, whom he considers the son he never had. The enigmatic Djibi finds redemption from his own story; that of a young man who stole his family’s savings to pay for his crossing but was unable to support his sick sister and served time in prison in Italy in exchange for money from a mafia boss… Eleven-year-old Akim lives near Pronto and these young people, whose secret enterprise he discovers. He, too, dreams of Europe, and so he begins to prepare himself in secret for the crossing, imitating the young people of Djibi with the means at hand. While the young people of the crossing finally admit that they prefer to stay in Burkina, where they have now started to build their lives, the preparation of young Akim will be fatal to him. When he trains alone and in the middle of the night to row in a makeshift canoe on the dam, the boat capsizes.

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