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The Detective

5m Animation 2021

This is the story of how a brilliant detective suffers deep trauma after losing his best friend (also a policeman) during a bank robbery shooting. The detective’s trauma is compounded by the death of his wife, who was also shot inside their home in a home invasion. The detective does not deal with these incidents medically, psychologically or in any other way. He decides to soldier on and suppress his emotions, leading to psychological distress, and when he is offered leave to get help and deal with the loss, he refuses. In his office he lights a cigarette, stares at a photo of his late wife, and overwhelmed with grief, he faints and drops to the floor, hitting his head on the desk.

This film will screen at CineCentre, Suncoast Casino on Wednesday 27 July at 5pm.

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Mvelo Zimu


Mvelo Zimu


Mvelo Zimu




South Africa