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The Sultan's Daughter

22m Children’s 2022

Young Prince Ali is sent out into the world by his father, Sultan Mahmoed, to determine whether he is worthy to rule their kingdom. On his journey he stops the desecration of a grave and makes good the debt of the deceased. This act of bravery against the grave robbers releases the grateful spirit of the deceased, that takes on human form and becomes Ali’s secret helper with magical powers. Ali’s proves his worthiness with his defining qualities of compassion, kindness and courage.

He insists that he and his companion must help an old lady they meet injured on the road, he stops a dog being harmed by a Fakir, he decides he will court the Princess, despite the dangers of being turned into a captive animal by the witch who controls Sultan Bashir, the father of the Princess.

The Princess is a secondary victim of her father’s weakness. The witch femme fatale and evil crone. The power of the witch over them is finally broken by the courageous young suitor correctly answering her questions with the assistance of Ali’s helper, Radjab. Ali proves his worthiness and wins the heart – and hand – of a beautiful Princess with whom he returns to his parents in triumph, ready to rule their Kingdom.

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Julie Hall




South Africa