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The Town

15m Short 2020

Seven-year-old Lesedi spends her days waiting and hoping for something to happen. She begins her morning as she has many other mornings: chasing and throwing stones at the cars that are passing through the centre of her isolated town. She hits one and soon after returns to Marta’s - a middle-aged shopkeeper and her best friend- to wait out the rest of the day. While Marta, well accustomed to waiting flows through her daily routine with hard-fought contentment, Lesedi is restless, expectant, and yearns for movement. Unexpectedly, a car similar to the one Lesedi threw stones at, breaks down and the driver Naledi is introduced to the community. Lesedi believes that she caused the breakdown, and is wary of being discovered, but she is enamoured by Naledi and an unlikely albeit transient connection is formed.

This film will screen at CineCentre, Suncoast Casino on Saturday 23 July at 2pm.

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Nolitha Mkulisi




South Africa