Uncle Tommy, the Man who founded Newsweek (2021)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 35m

Thomas J. C. Martyn, founder of the American magazine Newsweek, is buried in Agrolândia - a small country side town in the southern part of Brazil. Taking this odd discovery as starting point, the movie investigates the life of this important and secretive character.

Thomas was a man of great deeds: he fought in WWI as a pilot of the Royal Flying Corps, was the first international correspondent of Time magazine and The New York Times, attended big wheels in New York alongside Scott Fitzgerald, Henry Luce, Nelson Rockefeller and Roosevelt, founded the second largest American national magazine and, after suffering a blow, moved to South America during World War II where he engaged in international politics.

Through interviews, documents, photos, films, audio tapes, letters and manuscripts, the film tries to reconstruct Thomas’ trajectory; a life full of gaps. A road movie between New York and São Paulo, Cornwall and Agrolândia, Rio de Janeiro and Connecticut, where secrets, truths and lies will confront different versions of who this mysterious man was and how he became Uncle Tommy.


Loli Filmes


Marko Martinz


Loli Filmes


Loli Menezes


Portuguese, English




Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, United States