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Wind Blows The Border

1h 17m Documentary 2022

On the violent border between Brazil and Paraguay, a war is being waged around the expansion of agribusiness. As described by Faerman, “the documentary narrates the trajectory of two women who are on opposite sides of a violent conflict over land in Brazil. Thus, the film shows two opposing and irreconcilable universes: that of the owners of large tracts of land and that of Indigenous Peoples. During the process of making the documentary, the extreme right conquered federal power in Brazil and Jair Bolsonaro was elected president. The Indigenous population has organized itself, but even so, their rights are threatened”. Marina Weis elaborates that the film tells “the story of the struggle for land through two antagonistic characters: Alenir Aquino Ximenes, a woman of the Guarani-Kaiowá ethnicity, community leader, and teacher at an indigenous school, on the one hand, and Luana Ruiz Silva, a white woman, a lawyer and heiress to her family’s farms located on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, a region historically inhabited by the Guarani-Kaiowá population. In a more profound layer, the film deals with the clash of cultures, embodied in the radically different ways of understanding, narrating, and inhabiting the world of the two central characters, and about the continuous colonial process that, still in the 21st century, maintains its ideology based on white racial supremacy, violence, and oppression of cultures, bodies, and forms of life that do not submit to it.”

This film will screen at CinceCentre, Suncoast Casino on Tuesday 26 July at 4pm.

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Laura Faerman


Marina Weis


Julio Matos