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Yaya & Lennie

1h 38m Animation 2021

Following a mysterious turmoil, the world as we know it has ended. Nature has reclaimed the planet, and the jungle covers the Earth. From the ruins of that world, a new society is about to rise again. It’s known as “The Institution”, and its adepts attempt to restore the pre-established order by imposing their concept of rule on the free people of the jungle. Some, however, fight fiercely against their process of “civilization”. The dissidents are preparing for their revolution! This is the story of the free spirits that wish to find their place in the world. Yaya, a girl with a gruff personality and an untamed spirit, and Lennie, a very tall man, more than two meters, in fact, and affected by mental retardation. The two are deeply tied together and take care of each other by making sure to not have their last, and only treasure left to be taken away: their freedom.

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